Plagazi AB (publ) (“Plagazi” or the “Company”) has received an order for a feasibility study from the Swiss company Migros Industrie, part of Migros Group. Migros Group is the largest retail company and private employer in the country, contracting over 100 000 employees. The feasibility study will be completed and delivered in the middle of September 2022.  

The aim of the feasibility study is for the client to understand the general feasibility of implementing a circular Plagazi Process plant within the client’s desired framework and requirements. Plagazi will investigate how Migros non-recyclable waste can be utilized and recycled in the most financially viable and environmentally friendly way possible. The study will also investigate the possibility of making Migros plastic waste circular, which means that Plagazi can recycle the plastic into green industrial gases, these industrial gases will then be introduced into a third process together with LanzaTech, which recreates new plastic for Migros to utilize in their operations. 

If the client finds the construction and implementation of a Plagazi plant feasible after receiving the feasibility study, the work will serve as a foundation for the Basic Engineering Study stage, which is a more in-depth study focused on the specifics of the customer’s waste and further project details, including testing, full process details, environmental permission process, and extensive financial analysis. Once the customer is satisfied with both the Pre-Study and Basic Engineering Study, the project will continue into the plant project phase, including engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC), which starts with the plant design via a Pre-Detailed Engineering/FEED.  

“It is exciting to have such a significant corporation like Migros Industrie believe in our green, circular technology and want to understand further how it can be used to improve their management of unrecyclable plastics throughout their large-scale operations. Migros Industrie is gradually strengthening its international presence and circular material management, which is a fantastic opportunity for Plagazi to find new opportunities for further collaboration. As we are obtaining new customers in various sectors, it further demonstrates the technology’s versatility and many areas of application within the circular economy.” – Torsten Granberg, CEO Plagazi AB (publ)  

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Torsten Granberg, CEO, Plagazi AB 

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About Plagazi: 

Plagazi AB is a Swedish clean-tech company which is revolutionizing the production of green hydrogen. Plagazi helps society close the circular loop by transforming waste into green hydrogen through plasma gasification, contributing to resolve the significant global issue of non-recyclable waste, renewable energy sources and carbon emissions. With multiple active projects across Europe, the company aims to become the answer to the continents strive to reach its climate goals.  

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