HANZA acquires product development company in Germany

To meet an increasing demand, HANZA AB (publ) has today acquired Budelmann Elektronik GmbH (“Budelmann”) in Münster, Germany. The deal underlines the unique width of HANZA’s offer.
HANZA AB (publ) is a contract manufacturer offering regional and complete manufacturing in six manufacturing clusters. In addition, HANZA offers advisory services that optimize customers’ supply chains, and product development. To further strengthen the product development part, HANZA has today acquired Budelmann, which consists of a multidisciplinary team of 10 people with excellence in electronics, mechanics

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TheRapidsRoofers In Grand Rapids MI, Announce Longer Operating Hours To Keep Up With Demand

A perfect storm of circumstances over the past two years has led to an unprecedented situation in the construction industry, including for commercial roofing contractors.

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MilDef wins 82 MSEK order in Norway

MilDef, a global provider of tactical IT, will provide technology to a Norwegian defense vehicle program with deliveries 2022-2023. This is a follow-up order on an existing program and a mid-life upgrade of armored vehicles in the M113 series. The customer is NDMA, Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency.
MilDef will equip armored vehicles with computers, displays and network infrastructure for Command and Control. Various variants of the M113 armored vehicles will be the focus for the deliveries in this program. Existing technology in the vehicles was delivered by MilDef and other suppliers in

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Veidekke: New project for OBOS at Ulven

Veidekke has signed a contract with OBOS to build yet another stage of the major residential project at Ulven in eastern Oslo. The contract includes building 180 apartments, a parking facility, guest parking and a kindergarten with six units. The contract is a design and build contract valued at NOK 523 million excluding VAT.
Ulvenkroken is the third project to be built by Veidekke at Ulven. The finished project will have beautiful parks and market squares in the immediate vicinity, underground parking and car-free sections of street on both sides. The location is central in what will be the

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Plagazi AB (publ) (“Plagazi” or the “Company”) has received an order for a feasibility study from the Swiss company Migros Industrie, part of Migros Group. Migros Group is the largest retail company and private employer in the country, contracting over 100 000 employees. The feasibility study will be completed and delivered in the middle of September 2022.
The aim of the feasibility study is for the client to understand the general feasibility of implementing a circular Plagazi Process plant within the client’s desired framework and requirements. Plagazi will investigate how Migros non-

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Posting a press release

How do I post a press release?

Sending your press release doesn’t have to be complicated, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t feel complex, especially if you’re just learning how to send a press release. The first…

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Stack of newspapers

What are the 6 elements of a press release?

A press release is a short article, news report, or announcement which is distributed to a large number of people via media outlets in order to gain exposure and interest…

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news syndication

What is news syndication?

News syndication is the process of distributing or sharing news across different media to an audience in one concise article. It’s a powerful way to get news about your company,…

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Press releases help seo

Do press releases help with search engine optimization?

Press releases are a great way to boost your company’s online presence in a big way. They can be used as an easily digestible article for your site and make…

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Content Marketing

What do content marketers do?

What is content marketing and why do it? Content marketing is the practice of marketing a company’s products and services through content that audiences consume on social media, blogs, websites,…

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